2018-2019 Membership Goal Achieved!

Membership – We did it!

As the new Membership Chairman, I wish congratulate the 2018-2019 Membership Chairman Stan Kogutkiewicz on a job well done. Through his untiring efforts, the Department reached its Membership Goal. As a tribute to his efforts, below is Past Membership Chairman Kogutkiewicz’s last report:

DAV Dept. of WI started that 2018 – 2019 Program Year with a goal to sign up 346 new members. Yesterday morning we needed 2 new members to make that goal. I received emails from Al Labelle and Kevin Walkowski that they each recruited a new member. Looking at the Population Summary for the Department this morning (Saturday, June 29th) we are 2 members OVER goal. AT THE END OF THE PROGRAM YEAR DAV DEPARTMENT OF WISCONSIN HAS GROWN BY 348 NEW MEMBERS 23 of the Departments 44 Chapters made their goal. 43 of the Departments Chapters contributed something to this Victory. To all of the Members that signed up a new member or told an Eligible Veteran about DAV and they joined, GREAT JOB. Now, let’s convince the rest of the membership that they should be doing this too so we can GROW the Chapters, GROW the Department and GROW DAV as a Veterans Service Organization. See you at Fall Conference, Stan K

At the recent Commanders & Adjutants training session held at DAV National Headquarters in Cold Spring, Kentucky, DAV Membership Director Doug Wells unveiled a new membership program.

The formula for determining Chapter goals has changed. Small Chapters will need to sign up 10 new members. Larger Chapters will need to sign up substantially more new member. As an example, the Green Bay Chapter 3 will need to sign up 26 new members.

Due to these changes, the 2019-2020 Membership Program is currently being revamped. It will be released next month.

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