2019-2020 Membership Report

My year as Senior Vice Commander has been a good one. I was able to visit multiple chapters and veteran events while performing my duties. This year we were given a much greater task for membership with a goal of 511 new members. I am proud to say that we have recruited 345 brand new members. I feel that if not for the COVID-19 pandemic, we would have made goal. The country was quarantined for almost three months. We are now on restricted movement and yet we are still recruiting new members!

With the membership program I wanted to reward members and chapters that went out and succeeded in recruiting new members. The awards were based on the recruitment of 10 to 19 members and 20+ members. The Awards are as follows:

Top Recruiter- Matt Kempainen -24 new members

Paul Baker -12 new members

Rob Hilliard -11 new members

Al Labelle -11 new members

NSO William Garret -19 new members

I also want to recognize the chapters that made goal by the cutoff date which are Chapter 3 @ 101.18%, Chapter 17 @ 101.12%, Chapter 19 @ 100.76%, Chapter 27 @ 100.64%, and Chapter 44 @ 100.56%. I want to also congratulate Chapter 18 for making goal. The Chapters that won recruiting award in their Division are: Division I Chapter 3 with a goal of 101.18% Division II Chapter 17 with goal of 101.12% Division III – no winner

The Chapter awards will be given out at Fall Conference. If it is cancelled then we will mail out the awards to the chapters.

It has been my honor serving as your Senior Vice Commander and I am proud of all we have accomplished together.

Matt Kempainen, State Sr. Vice COmmander

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