A Message from State JA Stan Panek

Things are quiet on the DAV front, so to make good use of the quiet time and continue to serve veterans, I volunteered Betty to sew face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did I know how this could escalate and involve me!

Today we have pieces of material and elastic in every room of our house, not to mention that our straight pin dish is almost empty. Betty has sown all week. Today, after we cut and pin the cloth, I predict that we will run out of fabric. We both feel really good that we have done SOMETHING to fight this pandemic.

The fabric and pattern were furnished by Jo-Ann Fabrics, which seems to me to be a very generous thing to do. Our neighbor has the same fabric and has made almost 200 masks at this point. We still have several to finish and are proud that we were able to do a little SOMETHING to help combat this terrible disease.

If you would like any more information about this project, contact me at 715-652-2140 or banstan@tds.net.


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