A Tactical Pause – A Message from DAV WI State Commander Hert

A military acronym that comes to mind during this unique time frame is the term: Tactical Pause . In layman’s term “tactical pause” can be defined as a moment where you are somewhat unsure of the future, needing to step back, take a breath, evaluate the situation, develop a plan, then lean forward to accomplish the mission. Currently, we are in a tactical pause due to COVID – 19, as this has placed us in unchartered territory. Who would have ever thought we would see Chapter and District meetings being cancelled and the State Convention being put on hold?

Despite the challenges of this new world, we as an organization remain vigilant to ensuring that veterans lead high-quality lives with dignity and respect. On the legislative front, through the Commanders Action Network, telephone and email, we have contacted our elected officials to ensure our veterans are being taken care of in the COVID -19 Relief Bills.

In the military and as veterans, we seriously take the term “Got your six or being a Battle Buddy”. We watch out for one another, others before self. I have observed Chapter members reaching out and calling one another due to the challenges of social distancing. We recognize the potential for being isolated from others which may cause mental health issues to come into play. We understand each life is important and sacred to the DAV community. It brings me great warmth knowing the extent of care and compassion existing within the membership.

Despite COVID–19 times I’m witnessing DAV members stepping forward to accomplish the mission. Whether that is holding a meeting by using GoToMeeting applications, getting yearly District reports forwarded to State Headquarters or relaying information via text messages or emails.

The silver lining that I’ve observed are people spending quality time with their immediate family members, getting some of those household tasks that were on the back burner being completed, plus a time of personal reflection and spiritual development.

In closing, as we work through this tactical pause, realize that DAV is ready to represent the veterans community for another 100 years. We will rise from this chapter of our history, stronger than ever to ensure that the promise made to the men and women who served is kept. Stay safe and God Bless!

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