Welcome to our webinars page! Here you will find the monthly webinar presented by DAV Wisconsin leadership. Check back each month for more information!

2022 Annual Financial Report (AFR) Webinar

June 2022 Webinar – We take a look at the Annual Financial Report do’s and don’ts.

2022 OER Webinar

May 2022 Webinar – We take a look at the Chapter Officer Election Report do’s and don’ts.

2022 Resolutions Webinar

April 2022 Webinar – We took a look at the resolution process from start-to-finish.

2022 Chapter Adjutant Webinar

March 2022 Webinar – We take a look at the Chapter Adjutant position and give helpful hints at being successful. 

To view the handout in this presentation, click here.

2022 Membership App

February 2022 Webinar – How to download and use the DAV Membership App.

2020-2021 LVAP Webinar

State 2nd Junior Vice walks members through how to complete national and state LVAP reporting forms and changes to reporting procedures.

Webinar: Gaps and Inequities in Women Veterans Health Care Programs

DAV Legislative Briefing to the DAV Department of Wisconsin Women Veterans Advisory Committee.

LVAP Webinar

DAV Wisconsin 2nd Junior Vice Commander Greg Palo walks viewers through the new process for reporting 2020 LVAP Hours.