Ask me about my chapter!

Hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy the great weather we have
been having lately. Perhaps this has encouraged you to get out and bring in some
new members to your chapters.

Some of you may already know of my plan to have shirts made for our chapters.
The shirts will have in bold letters – Ask me about my DAV Chapter. Also, the
shirt will have various factoids about DAV such as patients transported, service
officer numbers and so on.

Each chapter will also be able to add to the shirts something unique about their
chapter. In essence the shirts are a tool to help each Chapter member talk to
anyone about their Chapter’s activities.

I will be giving each chapter their shirt at the State Convention in Green Bay.
There will also be more details on how to best use the shirts for occasions like
Forget-Me-Not drives, brat fry cookouts, or simply going to the store. You never
know where you may find your chapter’s next new member.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Convention and talking to you about the
new membership shirt program.

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