Changes are coming to the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP)

Changes are coming to the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP)
Recently, I became the new State 2nd Junior Vice Commander meaning I will be the 2020-2021 LVAP Coordinator for the Department. I wish to thank Greg Palo for the outstanding job he did last year!

LVAP Reporting:

As many of you may know DAV National has changed the LVAP reporting period from the calendar year to our Fiscal Year or July 1 to the following year June 30. This meant June 30, 2020 was the cut-off date for the most recent LVAP Program.

On July 15, 2020, DAV stopped counting or crediting LVAP hours from the
departments for the 2019-2020 year. Thank you to all who reported their LVAP hours for this period.

There is a new Form 60 for LVAP in the works from National. Once ready I will prepare a PowerPoint to introduce it to you using a webinar. You will be notified about the date of the webinar. For now use the current Form 60.

As we proudly serve our veterans, spouses, and families, let us show everyone that the Department of Wisconsin is doing a great job completing our Mission!

LVAP hours are a great way to measure our commitment to this Mission.
I will be receiving reports from DAV National, and will make you aware of the results as we strive for 100% chapter reporting compliance.

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