Chapters may use GoToMeeting for socializing or education

For the past year DAV Wisconsin has held monthly phone conferences to update the Department Executive Committee. Originally, we used a free phone conference service. We now use GoToMeeting. These meetings have proved to be very successful.

Be aware that phone conference for Chapters can only be used for socializing or educational seminars, not Chapter business per DAV National Headquarters.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CDC Guidelines and Safer At Home, Chapter meetings have not been held which has the potential to create stress in some. Having Chapters hold monthly GoToMeet or phone call meetings is a great way to check in on each other and ensure all is well. It is also a way to forward updates and information to the membership.

Remember these two rules:

  • Politics will not be discussed.
  • DAV Chapter business will not be discussed.

For more information, contact Larry Hill at

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