Coronavirus – “This To Shall Pass”

One of the famous sayings that has given us perspective is the phrase “This Too Shall Pass”. This phrase gives comfort because we realize nothing in life is idle and that eventually we move and turn a corner. Today, it can be easy to become overwhelmed as the 24/7 TV media coverage regarding the COVID-19 health situation continues. Going through the grocery stores there are long lines — plus many items have not been restocked. There are continuing updates regarding closures or cancellations. It can be very easy to have our emotions seduced and that fear and anxiety are given the opportunity to run rampant within us.

I would encourage all, to take it day by day and we will come out for the better. Our Government and Scientific community are totally immersed in combatting COVID-19. As a community and on a personal level, we all recognize the necessary steps we need to take for a healthy environment whether that’s limiting public gatherings or engaging proper hand washing techniques. I have to admit one of the silver linings of this situation is the World community is collaboratively engaged on the issue while in Washington D.C., it’s not about “D’s” and “R’s” but about taking care of the American people. While our public engagement is reduced use this as an opportunity to connect with our household families, read a book, watch a movie and count life’s blessings.

As Veterans who have experienced the military lifestyle, we understand the importance of flexibility. As the old saying goes “All battle plans change after first contact”. Realize as we gather information regarding COVID-19, please be flexible regarding our mission. From a National, Department and Chapter level, we will ensure to pass along the latest information and guidance. Lastly don’t forget “This Too Shall Pass.”

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