DAV – A Volunteer Organization

We belong to an all volunteer organization, and our department volunteers include DAV/DAVA members, family, and friends. There are volunteer hours in everything we do for the Disabled American Veterans Organization. We are currently collecting all volunteer hours from January 1, 2019 through today. I ask you to contact your Chapter LVAP Coordinator for reporting your volunteer hours.

Contact me if you cannot contact your Chapter LVAP Coordinator. I can be reached at:

  • Telephone – 414-350-3431 (leave message if not answered)
  • Email – dav.wi.2ndjvc.gopalo@gmail.com
  • Mail – W4868 State Road 21, Redgranite, WI 54970-8582

National LVAP is changing and will be going electronic next year with automated entry of hours. As of now they are still receiving and entering (painstakingly by hand) the information you provide. Last year some Chapters started sending in just one over all LVAP column of hours. National accepts this; however, the reporting columns accomplish a lot more. National follows the column hours to help determine where the volunteering takes place. They use the statistical data to help identify our mission accomplishments as well as supportive needs. The statistics also show donors where we are in our mission to veterans and their families.

I did a training at Fall Conference regarding the whole system of Local Veterans Assistance Program. I discussed the reporting forms as well as the relationship between salary, per diem, travel, and expenses as they relate to volunteering and the hours you do. I also explained the columns and how to use them.

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