DAV WI Auxiliary: Spring is here!


Spring is finally here. We hear birds singing, baseball has started, and we have lots of bright sunshine. This is the time we start thinking of projects that need to get done.

And we in the Auxiliary have a big project to plan for our State Convention. It is in Green Bay at the Radisson Hotel from June 6-8. Make sure to get your reservations in!

Think about what Officer position you might want or how you can better help our Auxiliary. Please turn in your resume, report, or any other information you have as soon as you can so it doesn’t go past the deadline.

One big part of our Auxiliary that doesn’t have a deadline is membership. We know that this is always something we need to be focusing on. We are getting close to our quota and it seems like it gets harder all the time to recruit new members but we just can’t give up. Will all of you please try your best to reach out and bring in new members? It’s been said several times but we can talk to our Chapter members and encourage them to sign up their children and grandchildren. In our March Headquarter News, Lynn Helms-Prosser said “Membership is the backbone of our existence and a valuable tool to fulfill our promise to veterans and families”. Our National Commander Ellen Timmerman is asking us to be ready for changes. A strong foundation of our membership is vital for our future success.

On March 26th, I had the opportunity to meet Secretary Kolar. She presented an interesting talk. Having served in the Navy, she understands the meaning of sacrifice. It’s important to her that not only our veterans, but also their families can achieve their goals and live the lives they deserve.

I know we are getting ready for our State Convention, but jumping ahead-if any of you are thinking about going to National Convention it would be wise to make your plans as soon as you can. It does fill up fast.

I know this comment is late and might seem a little silly, but I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that placed wreaths on the graves at King. The snow is all gone now. So as I drive past everyday I can still enjoy that peaceful and very pretty sight.

Now is a good time to start planning your Forget-Me-Not drives.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

As always—
Linda Gresbach

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