DAV’s Constitution and Bylaws

Chapters need to discuss DAV Wisconsin Constitution & Bylaws. Many of our members have little or no understanding of how the Chapter and Department are governed. Simply put, we are governed by the DAV National Constitution & Bylaws (C&BL), DAV Wisconsin C&BL and Chapter C&BL. Always remember, the pecking order: DAV National’s C&BL supersedes the Department’s and the Department’s supersede the Chapter’s.
For better understanding of how Chapters are governed, I strongly recommend that at every Chapter monthly meeting a Section of the Department C&BL be discussed.

Today, we will discuss Articles III of the Department’s Bylaws. It is below:

ARTICLE III Chapter Membership

SECTION 1. Qualification for membership in any chapter under the jurisdiction of this Department will be as prescribed in the National Constitution and Bylaws at the time of application. [Type here] Department Bylaws
SECTION 2. No chapter within the jurisdiction of the Department will have honorary members. It will be the policy of the Department of Wisconsin to encourage life membership among its members.
SECTION 3. Any member in good standing at the time of application must transfer his membership to another chapter upon notification to the National Organization and with the consent of the receiving chapter. No transfer will affect the voting strength of any chapter within the jurisdiction of the department until the beginning of a new fiscal year, nor will there be any refund of dues to the receiving chapter.

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  • by Rodney Kalata Posted March 7, 2020 4:13 pm

    Interested in getting a complete copy of Constitution & Bylaws as well as standing Rules for the Department of Wisconsin in order to update our own information.

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