Fall 2019 NSO Report

In the last 12 months the Office has thrived under the management of myself and Joe Fuenger, the Assistant Supervisor. We have been able to be more productive thanks to the diligence of the staff which also includes Senior National Service Officer (NSO) William Garrett, Secretary Karen Mielke, and our new receptionist Valarie Goodman.

During the past year, the Milwaukee National Service Office has:
 Filed 1429 new claims
 Taken 774 new Powers of Attorneys
 During this 12 month period the Milwaukee Office has been credited with 30,019 Award Actions
 Conducted 3416 interviews
 Conducted 6111 VA File Reviews

Additionally, we are a pension center, which means we deal with Wisconsin and eleven other states for pension and death benefit claims

All this work has resulted in approximately $44,585,688.00 in monthly benefits. Counting monthly and retro-annual benefits together equals $312,770,082.00 in monetary benefits during this period.

We do not do this alone. Chapter Service Officers are part of this process. We appreciate you guys helping us out in the communities, spreading the word of DAV and bringing us new clients. This year you have submitted over 150 new claims. Keep up the great work!

Service Office School

At the 2019 Fall Conference, Level II Training was offered to Service Officers who received Level I Certification at the State Convention in June. The training was done on Wednesday afternoon, October 9th and Thursday morning, October 10th.

Thank you to those who participated. The attendance was well over 30. The level of interest and enthusiasm was high. We look forward to working with all the Chapter Service Officers in the future. If you have any questions, please contact the DAV Milwaukee National Service Office at 414-902-5736, or by email dav.vbamiw@va.gov.

Mobile Service Office
This will be the final year of the traditional Mobile Service Office Program. Starting next year, we will be conducting Information Seminars instead. This will bring more flexibility to our outreach program, as we can do them throughout the year verses being on a set schedule of having the MSO available. If your chapter is interested in hosting an Information Seminar please contact: DAV National Service Office 414-902-5736 dav.vbamiw@va.gov

This concludes the Fall Conference Report. We anticipate a busy year, and with the additional help from our Chapter Service Officers we will be even more successful!

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