Local Veterans Assistance Program – A New Challenge for 2019

Thank you for your support in electing me as 2nd Junior Vice Commander. One of these offices primary activities is the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP).

Taking over from Matt Kempainen, who started the Department’s LVAP Awards and who brought our Department to be the DAV National Division III winner, is proving to be quite a challenge.

As of July we are one-half way through the program year. Our major competitor last year was Maryland and as of June they have no hours posted. We, however, are far short of last year’s hours. I have emailed and mailed (yes, we have several chapters without email) to all chapters and District Executive Committee Members an LVAP Coordinator list to be updated.

Remember that our department hours include DAV, DAV Auxiliary, family, and friends. Youth awards involve volunteer hours, and our youths sometimes help the veteran parent and or grandparent around the house.

There is a plethora of volunteer possibilities, and you probably are already helping at least one veteran every day, so it would be wise to start recording your assistance hours on a regular basis. For an added incentive, as your hours increase, national sends individual gratuity gifts to say thank you for your continuing effort.

I am looking forward to working with you on the Local Veterans Assistance Program.

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