LVAP Coordinator Greg Palo to be presented Special Recognition Award

Although disappointed in the LVAP Division III results, the Department is delighted to see LVAP Coordinator Greg Palo will be presented a Special Recognition Award for his efforts with our LVAP Program by DAV National Commander Stephen Whitehead.

Initially, the Award was to be presented by National 1st Junior Vice Commander Andy Marshall at the 2020 DAV State Convention. Due to its cancellation, it will now be presented at a future appropriate occasion. A photo of the presentation ceremony will be submitted to the DAV National Magazine for publication. Congratulations Greg! It is a well-deserved honor.

The text of the Award is below:

This Citation of Special Recognition is awarded to: Greg Palo

WHEREAS; Greg Palo was elected Second Junior Vice Commander at the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Department of Wisconsin Convention held in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 8, 2019; and

WHEREAS; the major duty for the Department’s position of Second Junior Vice Commander is to coordinate the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP); and

WHEREAS; Greg Palo in his position as LVAP Coordinator exhibited extraordinary dedication and diligence by increasing the number of volunteers from 364 in 2018 to 444 in 2019 and the number of volunteer hours from 47,123 in 2018 to 78,692 in 2019; and

WHEREAS; Second Junior Vice Commander Palo spent long hours with numerous Chapters and organized the Department’s first LVAP webinar to educate DAV members on the merits of the Local Veterans Assistance Program; and

WHEREAS; Second Junior Vice Commander Palo also spent considerable time revamping the Department’s LVAP reporting process which made it much more user friendly for the Chapter LVAP Coordinators; and

WHEREAS; his devotion to his duties as Department LVAP Coordinator and to the injured and ill veterans which we represent was exemplary;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Stephen Whitehead, National Commander of the Disabled American Veterans do hereby honor Greg Palo with this special recognition award for his outstanding work as the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP) Coordinator for the Department of Wisconsin and for his exemplary service to the injured and ill veterans which we represent.

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