Membership – the Lifeblood of DAV
Membership – the Lifeblood of DAV

Membership is the number one mission of all DAV members, chapters, departments and the national organization. Without members, we have no organization, no service programs, no corporate or individual donations, and no congressional influence. Without members we have no purpose. New memberships are the goal of DAV. As a reminder all new memberships count both as part-life and full-life, however we need to encourage part-life members to become full-life members. New memberships give the DAV influence in both the corporate and government arenas.

The 2019-2020 membership program is designed to:

  • Have each Chapter and each District attain 100% of their goal
  • Position the Department for long term success by signing part-life members using credit cards on the app on a smart phone.
  • Provide for future members by raising the level of awareness of the DAV among potential members, by personal contact.

The 2019-2020 membership program will have one component.

  • Component 1 is recruitment plain and simple. Use your resources, such as the net prospects list, Forget-Me-Not Drives, other fundraisers, veteran events and even claims, to sign up new members to make goal for your chapter, district and the department. If possible, use the phone app to sign new members up with an easy payment plan that works for the veteran. Under the new program part-life and full life members count as new members. So, there is no need to have members pay up front in full if it is easier for them to do payments. Members that recruit a new member gets the credit for the new membership and so does the chapter that receives the new member.

Chapters reaching out to Prospective Members on the Net Prospect List will be reimburse up to $500.00 for the combined printing and mail cost to send letters until the $3500.00 set aside for mailings in the membership fund is spent. First come – First serve

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