Women Veterans

2021-2022 Women Veterans Committee

(L-R) Connie Clayton, Secretary; Dr. Patricia “Pat” Lillis; Tiffany Koehler, Chair; Rosalyn Howard (Absent); Joanne LaCoursiere; Jeri Jefferson

Wisconsin DAV has a long history of treating women veterans with the respect and dignity they earned. In the 1950s two DAV Chapters had women veterans serve as Adjutants. Three women veterans have served as DAV State Commanders:

  • Reba Eslinger – 1988
  • Dorothy Wenzel – 1993
  • Holly Hoppe – 2010

Women veterans have served and sacrificed in our armed forces. Many were injured physically, and have carried with them the emotional scars of trauma they experienced in the line of duty. Each has overcome tremendous obstacles in the pursuit of restoring a sense of normalcy to their life.

In September 2018, DAV released the comprehensive study entitled Women Veterans: The Journey Ahead. The study contains 45 recommendations which will improve and expand services and benefits for women veterans.

Previously in 2014, DAV released the landmark study entitled Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home. It contained 27 recommendations of which 22 were enacted upon.

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Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home

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