Mid-Winter/District Meetings are keeping us busy!

Hello DAV members,
The last two months for DAV Wisconsin have been busy. Team DAV Wisconsin worked hard to make sure your State and Congressional Legislators heard our voices both in Madison and Washington D.C. Benefits Protection Team Leader’s (BPTL) Al Labelle’s articles will contain more details. Unfortunately, there are positive and negative things in both cities.

2022 DAV National Mid-Winter Conference was February 26th – March 2nd in Washington. DAV Wisconsin had 12 members attend, some were first-timer attendees. They did a terrific job representing our state. So many things were learned, and they will be distributed at the District meetings in the next few weeks by 1st Junior Vice Greg Palo.

Much information has already sent out to DAV Wisconsin Leadership by BPTL Labelle. It will be distributed shortly to Chapters. If able, please go over it. If you have any questions, BPTL Labelle will address them at the District meeting following his presentation. 

Adjutant Larry Hill’s article will describe the State Officer positions that we have open for 2022-2023. We hope to have many people running for these positions at State Convention. Be sure to read his article and if you are interested in a position, get a bio into him or State Headquarters. Then, you should go to the district meetings to announce your candidacy to say you are running for office. If you would like to be appointed, get your bio into State Headquarters so that the next commander knows who wants to be selected. There is no guarantee you will be picked as all appointments are at the commander’s discretion with the executive committee’s approval.

I had the privilege of visiting Madison VA, this month. I was very impressed with Madison’s leadership team. We were updated on all the improvements to come and how their goals will affect veterans’ health care. Later that day, we were given a UW Madison MIA Project tour. This experience was so humbling and heart-wrenching. Hearing the stories of the lost with very few returned was very emotional. More details can be found here.

The next couple of months will be busy with district meetings, chapter elections, and the state convention in June. But as always, the department is here if you need us; if there are any questions, contact us. We are your resource to use as needed. Also, don’t forget we will be putting out a training webinar each month on a different topic to help chapters. The completed webinars can be found here.

See you all at the District Meetings.