Nearing the End – LVAP 2019

“The thrill of victory…or the agony of defeat…” a play on Jim McKay’s quote

LVAP – We are racing toward a photo finish! Our numbers are increasing as are the other Departments. The other Departments are exceeding their last year total while we are short 20.52% of last year.

As of December 10, 2019 we are into our final month of the LVAP program year 2019. Our major competitor last year was Maryland and they are averaging the same as we are. But look, Tennessee is very close to us and coming up fast!

All volunteers should go back to January 01, 2019 and turn in all their LVAP hours. Yes, everyone should be recording their Volunteer hours which are valued at $24.69/hour. We, as DAV/DAVA members, are volunteers. We belong to an all volunteer organization, and our hours include DAV, DAVA, family, and friends. Youth awards involve volunteer hours, and our youth sometimes help the veteran parent and or grandparent around the house.

Have you counted all your meeting, conference, and convention hours in column H?

As your hours increase, national sends individual gratuity gifts to say thank you for your continuing effort.

Let me end with a quote from Commander Mike Hert: We “need to keep the pedal to the metal; we are just days away from repeating as the DIVISION 3 LVAP Champions!”

I thank you for your efforts in getting hours reported.

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