Providing for a better tomorrow

So far this has been a busy year and I have really enjoyed it.
I went to National Convention and I just wish everybody could have gone. It was a great meeting. First of all the hotel was so big I think we must have walked 20 miles by the time we left to come home.

There were so many meetings and sessions to go to. I’ve been in the Auxiliary for ten years and this time I was just amazed at all the work and all the planning it took to put together this convention. It seems that there is just more and more to learn and to do to make the DAV and DAV Auxiliary better.

The joint session, the memorial service, and the Auxiliary meeting was just outstanding. It shows you how everything works together.

I want to say thank you to all the Auxiliary members for all their hard work and for the love and care for our veterans who deserve the best. We can’t slow down or give up but must keep moving forward on our mission to provide a better tomorrow and a better future for all our veterans who stood up for us as we stand up and fight for them.

Thank you all for your work and have a blessed fall.

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