Time to submit your Annual Financial Report (AFR)

Time is getting close for the submission of the Annual Financial Report (AFR). This
report required of Chapters and Departments is due within 90 days after the close
of the accounting year. (DAV National Bylaws Article 9 Sec 9.3 Para. 1). The AFR
Form and Instruction can be obtained here.

Aside from being a requirement, the AFR can be a learning tool for a chapter. If
viewed properly we can gauge our progress year over year. Is the chapter getting
better?… or staying the same. Or if we dare, we can compare our performance to
others, including the Department or National DAV.

As we all know the DAV is a 501 (c)(4) Charity. Charities are commonly rated by
watchdog organizations on the percent of expenses that go to the service projects
of the organization. Chapters and Departments can also rate themselves on this
metric. The AFR provides all that is necessary to calculate the percent of expenses
for service. Simply divide line 14 service expense by line 22 total expense. In 2020
the National DAV organization had a service expense ratio of 81.3%. How does
your chapter compare?

Remember it is not the money we raise… it is how we spend the money we raise,
that is important.