Understanding how Chapters are Governed

Chapters need to discuss DAV Wisconsin Constitution & Bylaws. Many of our members have little or no understanding of how the Chapter and Department are governed. Simply put, we are governed by the DAV National Constitution & Bylaws (C&BL), DAV Wisconsin C&BL and Chapter C&BL. Always remember, the pecking order: DAV National’s C&BL supersedes the Department’s and the Department’s supersede the Chapter’s. For better understanding of how Chapters are governed, I strongly recommend that at every Chapter monthly meeting a Section of the Department C&BL be discussed. For August, we will discuss Articles III, IV & V of the Department’s Constitution. They are below:


Qualification for membership in this Department shall be as prescribed in the National Constitution and Bylaws at the time of application. This Department shall not have honorary members.


To have perpetual succession with the power to sue and be sued in the courts of law and equity: to receive, hold, own, use and dispose of such real estate and personal property as shall be necessary for its corporate purposes; to adopt a constitution and bylaws and regulations to carry on its purposes, not inconsistent with the laws of the United States or the State of Wisconsin; or in the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Organization; to establish and maintain offices for the conduct of its business; to establish local chapter; to publish newspaper or other publication devoted to the purpose of the corporation and generally to do any and such acts and things as may be necessary and proper in carrying out the purposes of the Department.


Section 1 All administrative affairs of this Department shall be vested in an Executive Committee, to be composed of the Department Commander, Immediate Past Department Commander, Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commanders, Benefits Protection Leader and Judge Advocate and the five District Executive Committee Members.

Section 2 Elected Officers of the Department shall consist of the Department Commander, Senior Vice Commander, three (3) Junior Vice Commanders, Judge Advocate and Benefits Protection Team Leader.

Section 3 Appointed Officers of the Department shall be the Department Adjutant, Treasurer, Legal Advisor, Chaplain, State Inspector, Chief of Staff, Sergeant-at-Arms, Officer-of-the-Day, State Veterans Administration Volunteer Services (VAVS) Chairperson and other appointees as necessary to fulfill the mission of the Department.

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