Wanted – Volunteer Drives

Fall is in the air and with that we have seen a slight increase in riders, not as many
as we used to have before COVID.

We, as all areas, need volunteer drivers even if though we are not back to normal
but the driver that we have been getting burnt out and want to help them get a

I can not thank all the volunteers enough for staying with us through COVID. The
VA here in Milwaukee received a very nice donation and has been updating things
in our waiting room – new coffee cart, cell phone charging station, shovels for
each van and so on. We thank the donor from the bottom of our hearts.
Nothing has changed on wearing mask, sanitizing the vans, and waiting area. For
inpatient visitors, it is best to call the VA first and it changes from day to day.
We will be working on the van order for 2021-2022 at Fall Conference and we
thank you for always thinking about your transportation program when making
your chapter and auxiliary budgets for the year.

Take care, be safe and stay well!

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