We all know “That Guy”

By Rob Hilliard, State Senior Vice Commander

You ask what does this have to do with membership? Well let me let me tell
you what I mean by, we all know that “Guy”. For one thing it can be that guy or
that girl, but we all actually know this person. Now that I have you scratching
your head and wondering, where is Rob going with this?

In each and every one of our chapters we have that person that can just go up
to anyone and talk to them about the DAV and their DAV chapter. You may
think that you have to be really outgoing or a gregarious character, but each
and every one of our members can be that guy/girl. Now again you may be
saying what does this have to do with membership?

Okay, under our 2020-2021 Membership Program, a large part of the program
is a grassroots person to person drive. Under this drive I want to help each
chapter reach its goal by having their members be that “Guy”. I believe that
some of the best DAV chapter members we can recruit, can come from this in
person interaction. I believe this works better than mailings because you can
look the person in the eyes and show them your passion for the DAV.

This also gives you the opportunity to answer any questions that may have.
You will find with a little practice and knowing your facts about DAV and what
we do, what your chapter does, if you have passion you will find it not hard to
talk to anyone about us and you will be surprised how many will want to join
your chapter.

So I am inviting all of our members, No I am challenging all of our members to
become that “Guy/Girl”! By doing this I believe we can take a great base that
we have in this State and only go up from here! This is the only direction I can
see our great Department going. So let’s all of us get out there and start being
that guy/girl, and building up our TEAM – your chapters.

Watch for my future membership training webinar!!